Test Instrument Collection


PSU - Power Supply Units

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☆ Favoured Unit ☆

ModelRelease YearDatecodeCondition
HP 6623A199x?Good.

Front panel is yellowish. The metal shell is a bit bent on one edge.

Channel 1 seems to be a bit off calibration. Doesn't matter much.
Const Current Mode is not tested.
HP-IB with SRQ
Remote CC/CV setting via voltage.
Remote sense.
FunctionDC & AC Voltage; 2-wire & 4-wire Resistance; DC & AC Current; Auto-zero
General Spec--

DMM - Digital MultiMeters

☆ Favoured Unit ☆

ModelRelease YearDatecodeCondition
HP 3478A1981?Mint

Reading is slow.
No continuity or diode test mode.
But anyway, it's an awesome DMM.
HP-IB with SRQ
Remote triggering
FunctionDC & AC Voltage; 2-wire & 4-wire Resistance; DC & AC Current; Auto-zero
General SpecOperating Temp: 0-55°C
Humidity Range: 90% R.H; 0-40°C
Power: AC 48-440Hz; 86-250V; 25VA max
Size: 102*215*356 (mm)
Weight: 3kg
CapabilityDC Voltage:
  Ranges: 30mV, 300mV, 3V, 30V, 300V
  Input Res: 10^10Ω @ 30mV-3V; 10MΩ ± 1% @ 30V,300V
  Limit: 303Vrms/450Vpk Hi-Lo; 500Vpk Hi/Lo-ground
  Noise Rejection:(5½ 4½ 3½) AC NMR: 80 59 0; AC ECMR: 150 130 70; DC CMR: 140 140 140
  Speed(50Hz): 67-50 @ 3½; 30-17 @ 4½; 3.7-1.9 @ 5½
AC Voltage (True RMS):
  Ranges: 300mV, 3V, 30V, 300V
  Input Inpedance: 1MΩ ± 1%, <60pF, 300kHz Bandwidth
  Limit: 303Vrms/450Vpk Hi-Lo; 500Vpk Hi/Lo-ground
  Crest Factor: >4:1 at full scale
  Common mode rejection: with 1kΩ imbalance in Lo lead, >70dB @ 60Hz
  Speed: 1.4 @ 3½ 4½; 1.0 @ 5½
  Ranges: 30Ω, 300Ω, 3kΩ, 30kΩ, 300kΩ, 3MΩ, 30MΩ
  Limit: 303Vrms/450Vpk Hi-Lo; 500Vpk Hi/Lo-ground
  Current: 1mA @ 30Ω-3kΩ; 100uA @ 30kΩ; 10uA @ 300kΩ; 1uA @ 3MΩ; 100nA @ 30MΩ
DC Current:
  Ranges: 300mA, 3A
  Limit: 3A, <250V, fuse protected
  Burden Voltage: 1V @ 3A, 0.1V @ 0.3A
AC Current (True RMS):
  Ranges: 300mA, 3A
  Limit: 3A, <250V, fuse protected
  Burden Voltage: 1V max

UC - Universal Counters

ModelRelease YearDatecodeCondition
HP 5300B Measuring System
HP 5303B 525MHz Counter
The main front panel knob is missing.
Internal oscillator seems to be dead. Can't count any input.
Unit UsabilityConnectivity
Before I got this unit repaired.
It's not a "precision" type-a thing. I won't bother calibrating it.
General Spec[TBD]

SSG - Synthesized Signal Generators

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ModelRelease YearDatecodeCondition
HP 8656B (System Version, Option 002)1984?Good

At least I can use it as a FM source.
It's overweight and bulky (anyway, 1980's RF device), and my unit is uncalibrated. I don't expect to use it much.
HP-IB with SRQ
External Sequence Control
External Modulation
FunctionAM/FM Modulation (internal 400Hz/1KHz, External)
General SpecOperating Temp: 0~55°C
Storage Temp: -55~+70°C
Humidity Range: 90% R.H; 0-40°C
Power: AC 48~440Hz; 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V; 125VA max
Size: 133*425*520 (mm)
Weight: 18.2kg
  Range: 100kHz - 990MHz
  Resolution: 10Hz
  Switching: 150ms
-Spectral Purity-
  Spurious Signals:
    Harmonics: <-25dBc @ ≤+7dBm
    Non-harmonics: <-60dBc @ >5kHz CW mode
    Sub-harmonics: 0

  Residual AM: <-75dBc

  Residual FM:
  0.3-3kHz Post Detection Noise BW:
    <7Hz rms @ 0.1-123.5MHz
    <2Hz rms @ 123.5-247MHz
    <4Hz rms @ 247-494MHz
    <7Hz rms @ 494-990MHz
  0.05-15kHz Post Detection Noise BW:
    <15Hz rms @ 0.1-123.5MHz
    <4Hz rms @ 123.5-247MHz
    <8Hz rms @ 247-494MHz
    <15Hz rms @ 494-990MHz

  SSB φ Noise:
  20kHz offset from carrier:
    <-114dBc/Hz @ 0.1-123.5MHz
    <-126dBc/Hz @ 123.5-247MHz
    <-120dBc/Hz @ 247-494MHz
    <-114dBc/Hz @ 494-990MHz

  Level Range: +13dBm ~ -127dBm into 50Ω

  Resolution: 0.1 bB

  Absolute Level Accuracy:
    ≤±1.0 dB @ 123.5-990MHz, +7 to -124dBm
    ≤±1.5 dB @ 0.1-123.5MHz

  Level Flatness: ≤±1.0 dB @ 0.0dBm

  SWR: <2.0 >-5dBm; <1.5 ≤-5dBm

  Reverse Protection: 50W RF, 25Vdc

-Amplitude Modulation-
  Depth: 0-99% @ <+7dBm; 0-30% @ +7 to +10dBm

  Resolution: 1%

  Incidental Phase Modulation: <0.3rad peak @ 30%, internal

    400Hz, 1kHz ±3% @ internal
    20Hz-40Hz @ external, 1dB BW, AC

  AM Distortion: <1.5% @ 0-30%; <3% @ 31-70%; <4% @ 71-90%

-Frequency Modulation-
  ≥50Hz AC & DC:
    99kHz rms @ 0.1-123.5MHz
    50kHz rms @ 123.5-247MHz
    99kHz rms @ 247-990MHz
  <50Hz AC:
    4000×Rate rms @ 0.1-123.5MHz
    1000×Rate rms @ 123.5-247MHz
    2000×Rate rms @ 247-494MHz
    4000×Rate rms @ 494-990MHz

  Center Frequency Accuracy (DC):
    ±500Hz @ 0.1-123.5MHz
    ±125Hz @ 123.5-247MHz
    ±250Hz @ 247-494MHz
    ±500Hz @ 494-990MHz

  Stability (DC): <10Hz/hr

  Resolution: 0.1kHz @ <10kHz; 1kHz @ ≥10kHz

  Incidental AM: <0.1 @ >500kHz; <1% @ 200-500kHz; <5% @ <200kHz

  Distortion(THD): <0.5% @ >1kHz, internal

    400Hz, 1kHz ±3% @ internal
    DC-50kHz @ external, AC coupled, ±1dB 20Hz-50kHz
    DC-100kHz @ ±3dB

DSO - Digital Storage Oscilloscopes


ModelRelease YearUnit DatecodeCondition
HP 54603B 60MHz Oscilloscope1991?Very Bad.
Beyond repair.
Unit UsabilityConnectivity

The unit is dead.
Proprietary Port
Module required.

External Trigger.

LA - Logic Analyzers

☆ Favoured Unit ☆

ModelRelease YearDatecodeCondition
HP 1630G 1985?Good

Some Corrosion in the back panel
Unit UsabilityConnectivity

Too slow and limited, too much power consumption, too heavy and bulky.
Not useful compared with modern USB LAs
External Trigger
Trigger Output
General Spec[TBD]



DSO - Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

ModelRelease YearDatecodeCondition

Front plate is broken.
One important rubber feet is lost.
Digital display is unstable (shaking).
Unit UsabilityConnectivity

A nice looking dual 50MHz input scope.
Has digitize capability, Cursor analysis and waveform storage/recall capability.
Has rich and useful digital interfaces.
AH1 T5 L3 SR1 RL2 PP0 DT1 DC1 C0

FunctionAnalog + P2CCD Digital Storage ability; 4kByte memory; Multiple Trigger Modes; Pretrigger & Post Trigger Delay; X-Y Mode; AUTOSET
General SpecDisplay:
  8×10cm CRT with P31 phasor;
  Backlight LCD for menu, settings and status indication display.
Power Supply:
  Line Voltage: 100V...240VAC ±10%
  Line Freq: 50Hz...400Hz ±10%
  Power Consumption: 70W
Mechanical Data:
  Width: 387mm incl. handle; 350mm excl. handle
  Length:630mm incl. handle & knobs; 433.5mm excl. handle & knobs
  Height: 146. 5mm incl. feet; 132.5mm excl. lower cabinet.
  Weight: approx 9.5kg excl. access.
Operation Environment:
  Temperature: Rated: 10...40°C; Limited: 0...50°C; Storage: -40...+75°C
  Altitude: Operation: 4,500m; Transport: 12,000m
  EMI: MIL-STD-461 Class B; VDE 6871; CDE 0875 Grenzwertklasse B




DMM - Digital MultiMeters

ModelRelease YearDatecodeCondition
Keithley 195
with model 1950 AC/AMPS Option

two rubber feet are missing.
Bad, out of calibration.
The build quality is pretty poor (when compared to HP devices)
IEEE 488 with SH1 AH1 T5 TE0 L4 LE0 SR1 RL1 PP0 DC1 DT1 C0 E1

External triggering
Complete signal output
General Spec--