HP5430A 18GHz微波计数器维修+测试 / Microwave Counter Repair+Testing


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HP Journal 封面索引 / Cover Art Portfolio

HP Journal以及与其相同时期的其他公司发布的刊物普遍有精心设计的封面。这些封面采用道具制作,直接拍摄并进行了一些胶片时代的后期处理和特效装饰,有一种特殊的美感。同时,HPJ每一期的封面都至少对应这一期中一半的内容,用作索引的话一眼就能看出这一期是关于什么的。出于这两个原因,在接下来的时间里我会截取每一本HPJ的封面并缩小后贴在这个文章中,就当作是一种审美的实行过程吧~♪


Source: http://hparchive.com/hp_journals

国内源: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1_EZl7V71U2as9Ct-RGKY7w  提取码:dc0z

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Rebuilding a Battery Pack (PC-9821Lt2)


Lithium battery pack is the most hazardous component of a modern consumer device. An attempt to tap into it can lead to an explosion or fire. What's worse: DIY battery packs are not thoroughly tested in labs and thus have no guarantee. Even without human error, it is possible to overheat and start a fire when charging or operating. Follow this article at your own risk.


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[OPNA] An Analysis of The P.M.D. Music Data Format (Mostly the "Rhythm" Section)

Greetings to all the new comers.

This article is based on Github repo: ValleyBell/MidiConvertes and Mistydemeo/Pmdmini. Special thanks to オップナー2608 from PC-9800 Series Central Discord Channel for helping me.

Meh... a detailed description of this little project will be covered in a future article (If I actually would do). Basically, I'm trying to make a portable music player / midi synth based around YM2608. I expect this project to take forever to complete...orz

Let's get our hands dirty quick!

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