这个站点主要由Andy Li运营,偶尔会在这里发一些莫名其妙的东西,什么类型都有。 通常关注点有下面这几个:

  • HPAK (Hewlett-Packard, Agilent & Keysight)
  • 高品质的老电学仪器,要看上去结实好看的那种!
  • 逆向
  • 自己会发光的东西
  • 车万


Henlo! Welcome to my shabby pub filled with all kinds of random geeky stuff. Hope you can find something interesting here. I write in both Chinese and English - chosen by mood. If you find something interesting that's written in Chinese and is desperately wanting to read it, contact me for a translation. You can also turn to translation sites such as Google Translate for help.

Email: thelithcore☆gmail.com



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