Project Downloads



On this page, there are some links to download my project files.  There're some source files among them, the rest are binaries.

I'd be glad if you can make use of them. Feel free to download, utilize and share. The only request is to keep my signatures in those files. Thank you very much!

The download service is provided by Baidu Yun, a Chinese file share service. If you find the speed slow or link broken, please contact me.

程序 / Programs

LabVOX 仪器读数广播系统 / LabVOX Instrument Reading Announcement System
HP662x PC控制台 / HP662x PC Control Panel


硬件设计 / Hardware Designs

Project LSW + SHmod


美术作品 / Artworks

Niko等身抱枕 / the Niko Character Pillow

网盘下载链接 / Baidu Yun Download Link

哦,最近把OneShot通了。Niko简直是太可爱啊啊啊必须要抱一抱(正直地)!于是画了这个抱枕。预期做出来尺寸大约是120*40, 图的尺寸做150cm的应该没问题。制作抱枕的服务可以在网上很容易找到,送去制作前需要注意进行裁切,否则出来角色的尺寸可能会偏小。

I intended to make this 120*40 in size. The image should be sufficient for a 150cm pillow (darn, rough coloring is not in anyway hi-res what so ever..) The service for printing your own body pillow should be found easily on those online stores. For example, on Amazon and AliExpress you can find those services for a good price easily. Just remember to ask the seller to crop the image to a proper size.


杂七杂八 / Other Random Things